Company Profile Design

Company Profile Design

Just how critical is it to have a well-designed company profile? A company profile is a must-have tool to establish a strong reputation for your business. Customers, investors, the press, and other interested parties may see how a business presents itself using this tool.

Your organization may benefit from a positive public perception, better communication, and more trust with a compelling corporate profile.

With their well-written company profiles, Walk Production has assisted Malaysian firms (SMEs, MNCs, and corporations) in building or improving their reputation in the public eye.

Walk Production stands out from other Malaysian agencies by providing comprehensive services for company profiles, including brainstorming, writing, design, and printing.

Company Profile Design
Company Profile Design

Profile Services for Businesses

We offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for corporate profiles.

Advice gathering

Our company profile consulting services are designed to help customers make the most of their business data. We create a well-organized framework that shows companies in a positive light and gives readers the information they need.

 Creating written content

Our company’s copywriters craft captivating content to entice, engage, and persuade possible customers. By professionally presenting vital corporate data concisely and artistically, the copies enhance readability and ease of comprehension.

Developing an idea

We will create an idea for your company’s profile that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic. Doing so will guarantee that your company profile attracts new clients, strengthens your brand, and demonstrates your expertise.

Company Profile Design
Company Profile Design


A solid corporate reputation may be built with the help of a well-designed company profile. To ensure your company identity is conveyed successfully, our graphic designers will construct a clean profile layout, source and edit photographs, and create professional graphics.

The process of printing

Many well-known Malaysian printing firms focusing on business profile printing have become our partners. Matte lamination, gloss lamination, and the spot UV effect are just a few of the unique effects available for our hardcover and softcover business profiles.


The company profiles will be sent to your office the same business day after they are ready for printing by our logistic partners. Our project managers will keep you informed of the delivery status.

 Portfolio of Firm Profiles

Company Profile Design
Company Profile Design

We were designed to wow; our corporate profiles will surely get your company noticed.

  • Engineering
  • Business Overview Construction and Building Profile of the Company
  • Medical treatment
  • Logistics Profile of the Company
  • Overview of the Firm and Attorney
  • Profile of a Retail Company
  • Profile of the Company in Technology
  • Silhouette of a Property Management Company

Types of Company Profile

For various needs, we provide a comprehensive selection of corporate profiles.

Company Profile Design
Company Profile Design

Advertising in general

We create general marketing business profiles to promote a firm and its offerings to a broad audience. We guarantee earnings by attracting readers to your company through captivating profiles.

Objectives of Investment

Creating a company profile to attract investors is one way we can help you raise capital more efficiently. A business profile outlining your company’s strategy, forecasts, and background might help you attract more investment capital.

Bid for the project.

For your next company endeavor, we can assist you in developing an accurate and understandable profile. To improve your chances of winning a contract, we provide company profile services that showcase your organization’s skills.

Registration for vendors

By creating a unique profile for your company, we increase your chances of being considered for a wide range of tender and procurement opportunities. Our expertly crafted corporate profile design might open doors to new prospects for your company.

Public Bid

We get it; submitting a bid for a government project isn’t a picnic. To ensure a successful tender response, we provide dependable firm profile services, which include adding compelling language and valuable financial information to your profile.


Company Profile Design
Company Profile Design

Strategic alliances and lasting commercial partnerships result from our company profile services. We assist businesses in gaining the trust of potential business associates by summarizing their best qualities in a single document.

How to Develop a Company Profile

The whole process of developing a unique business profile.

Step 1: is to talk and get information.

To start, we will distribute a questionnaire to collect fundamental data. The next step is to set up an interview so that we can learn more about the company’s goals, culture, and preferences. Our team will double-check all facts and information.

Step 2: Organizing Content and Writing the Text

The appealing text that we provide complies with high editing standards. To craft an attention-grabbing company profile, our business copywriters research your firm to establish the content structure and then write the copy according to the instructions.

Step 3: Ideation and Design of the Layout

Our designer will develop an idea for your company profile that considers your brand’s identity, the firm’s image, and your preferences. We have designers on staff who can think outside the box, create layouts that work, and even do picture imaging.

Step 4: Review and revision

An excellent corporate profile results from a team effort. As a team, we take client input seriously and work to incorporate it into our corporate profiles in a way that helps our clients reach their goals.

Phase 5: Completed Artwork

Once the profile design is finalized, the final artwork will be developed, created, and shared with the customer. Clients will receive all the relevant working files, digital copies, and the finished painting.

Step 6: Printing and Shipping

We offer printing and delivery services for corporate profiles through our partnerships with many large printing companies. We closely monitor every step of production, from color proofing and printing settings to final delivery, to ensure quality.


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